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Dylan Scott (1)

Dylan Scott can write your life in a song…and deliver it in a baritone so deep it’ll rattle your

Now the multi-talented Sidewalk Records Artist is poised to become a major star with his new
self-titled CD, Dylan Scott, featuring five modern, progressive songs he co-wrote with the best of
Nashville’s new generation of songwriters.

Because of his rock-bottom baritone, Scott knows some people will put him in the same vocal
category as Josh Turner or Chris Young. But if he has to be compared to anyone in the
business, he says, he hopes it’s for his character. I just want to be a class-act, a good guy, and
the man my dad raised, with a great work ethic, a strong sense of responsibility, and a love of
making music that goes right down to my toes.”

Dylan Scott performs June 14th.


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