Tent Camping

Welcome to the Country Summer Campground, your home for the entire weekend of Country Summer Music Festival!



If you’d like to stay in our campground, please purchase a festival ticket includes Tent Camping Access. You can purchase this feature with any ticket type.  At least one person in your group will also need to purchase a Tent Camping Car Pass to reserve your campsite and parking spot for the weekend!



  • You can begin load-in on Thursday at 5 PM. You must be out by 9 AM on Monday morning following the festival.
  • A maximum of four (4) people will be allowed per campsite and there can be no changes of these designated guests once the campsite is checked-in.
  • One vehicle is allowed per Tent Camping Car Pass.
  • There will be no movement of vehicles once they are in the designed parking area.
  • All belongings must fit into the designated campsites of 20’x20’.
  • Quiet hours of 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. must be observed within campsite area.
  • Only registered campers may be in the camping area – no guests.
  • All registered campers must show proof that they have a 3-day ticket to the festival.
  • Campers will be permitted to come and go between the camping area and the festival area until 6:45 p.m. daily. After 6:45 p.m., there will be no re-entry into the festival if a camper leaves.
  • Campers may bring bikes, but bikes will not be allowed in the festival area.
  • Disruptive, disorderly, overly loud, or inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated within the camping area.
  • Campers may have the following at their designated campsites:
    • Tents, canopies, chairs, bedding, etc.
    • Personal belongings.
    • Ice chests.
    • Food, non-alcoholic beverages in plastic bottles, alcoholic beverages purchased onsite.
  • The following items are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the camping area:
    • Glass, including food and beverage containers.
    • Pets.
    • Vehicles (vehicles will be allowed to park in an adjacent area).
    • Fireworks.
    • Weapons.
    • Flammable liquids.
    • Offensive flags, insignias or decorations.
    • Campfires or open flames.
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